Digital Photographic Courses

Would you like to learn the basics and/or the more advanced features of Digital Photography, perhaps progress your patchy knowledge to a more expert level?

Many amateurs buy a Digital camera, dive right away into image taking, but never seem to get around to the dedicated, disciplined time needed to understand the basics or even the maze-like terminology. Many do not fully understand the fundamentals of how the camera-computer workflow, from image capture to final presentation really works.  - "it’s something I’ll get around to when I have the time" - is this familiar to you?

Some who have great artistic ability in the subject may have a lurking idea, a dream of taking their work to another level, and perhaps make it more than a hobby, but are constrained and or fearful of the “technical” barrier that Digital photography seemingly presents.

Learning the essentials of this art, science and computing from the ground upward can be a daunting task  for sure. All the information is right there on the Internet, and in the myriad of available books. In truth there is too much information, and many photographers are simply overawed and don’t know where to begin.

Course Overview

  •  Basic colour theory

  •  Understanding digital Pixels files, types, sizes & resolution

  •  Digital camera types, choice, sensor sizes & differences

  •  File transfer, storage

  •  Demystify camera menus

  •  Aperture, Shutter speed & ISO

  •  Focus: systems, functionality & methods

  •  Lens choice, suitability & function

  •  Image quality and impact

  •  The image: the art and the aesthetics of image making

  •  The print

  •  Photography - your personal destination...

 Course Information  -  5 PLACES ONLY

What do I need to do the course?

We recommend a DSLR, a digital mirrorless, or a digital bridge camera. If you don't own a digital camera its fine for the Basic Course, but necessary for the Advanced Course. Advice and recommendation on camera purchase is included in the Basic Course.  laptop computer is ideal and required for the Advanced Course 

I don't know anything about photography !

There's no need to worry. The BASIC course is really simple and is taught step by step. Very often it's easier to teach a person fro scratch than to change bad habits.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Ideally it would be better if you were able to attend the course without missing a lesson. But we do understand that life happens. So, you are welcome to join in on a future class to catch up on the lesson at no additional charge, or if you cannot wait we can also provide "one on one" catch up lessons at an additional cost. Please contact us for details

What if I find the course too basic?

As the at basic and goes through to an intermediate course this rarely happens. But should you feel that the course is too simple you would know this by the end of the first lesson. At this point you could upgrade to the advanced class free of charge, or get a full refund should you wish not to continue.

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