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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

What is the difference between a digital photograph and an exhibition quality digital fine print?

I am blowing my own trumpet here – if you don’t know then you have never seen the latter, or seen one of my prints.

Indulge me a little: in this day of ultra high resolution cameras the latter question should be a moot point, as: all photographers should be able to print, or a least offer to a printer a file that will produce the very best that their digital camera can offer.

Unfortunately we are in an era of “throw away” everything from clothes, packaging, and yes, pixels. What I mean, is that first of all, it takes a competent photographer to extract what the finest lenses and even a modest modern digital cameras is capable of producing. So many amateurs and indeed professionals are too cavalier with their precious pixels. Plug-ins, easy actions and short cuts to create eye-popping images that look great on the Internet are all too often used without thought. Photographers often crash through image processing to mangle then discard the very pixels they so often coveted in the first place - however I’m afraid those files don’t cut it when it comes to printing a high quality image on fine art media.

My workshops are not in-depth lessons in image processing; what I aim to do is define the precise path to an exhibition quality digital print. Colour management, understanding profiles, equipment calibration, image size and most important taking care of your precious hard-won image that will result in the best it can be to produce a fine print.

Even if you don’t print yourself my in-depth workshops will give all photographers a much better understanding of the digital workflow that often mystifies or is simply ignored, then when you do offer files for print you are confident (if your printer is up to it!) they will produce what you deserve.


What clients and students of master-print workshops have to say:


I have recently attended one of Peter's courses on printing and colour management. I highly recommend it for anyone who is doing their own printing…


Fantastic quality of print and one of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry...


You get so called printers who simply press a button and you get others, like Peter who is not only a brilliant photographer, but one who understand paper profiling and the printing process in depth...

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